About us

Meroni: an all italian company

Since 1930, the cold cuts passion is italian!

Meroni produces and exports high quality meats since over 85 years with its 6 production plants in Italy, one for each product category, located in Biassono, Arcore, Villasanta, Val Baganza, Sala Baganza and Faenza. It employs over 1000 people dedicated to product quality development across the entire chain, from the technology studies to production itself.

A historic italian family business, offering monitored, inspected and controlled high quality meats, delicatessen, take away products to the international market.

The assets: innovation, quality, reputation, food safety

Our production fundamentals: innovative technologies development.

The new systems implemented in the Meroni production process enable to achieve unique and excellent quality products. Identifying this as a key value, Meroni continuously invests in advanced technologies , borrowed also from other industries like the aerospace one, creating advanced total control production plants. In each one of them checkups and screenings are constant and on a daily basis : the lab analyzes enable to obtain product certifications by important third parties in compliance with all the european standards.

Innovation means quality control, food safety therefore high standards: thanks to this commitment MERONI over the years offers its guaranteed products to all the large scale retail channels.

Selecting the food raw materials with extreme care, keeping the traditional process with an eye into innovation, a long history of experience and reliability: these features mark and set our brand in the fresh food market.

Italian excellence

looking out to foreign markets

Acknowledged as one of the leader italian brands producing ham, salami and mortadella IGP (Protected Geographical Areas), MERONI ‘s new trade mission is penetrating foreign markets: beeing able to reach every single consumer on a global scale by exporting its products in the EU and extra EU markets through a consistent and efficient food traders network.

Germany, France, Denmark, UK and Eastern Europe are only some of the Countries offering in their supermarkets and in their Ho.Re.Ca. channels the excellence of the OTC specialties signed Meroni.

Export: the convenience of our logistics platform.

Meroni’s logistic site is located in Villasanta and it is fully automated.

Order, shipping and delivery processes of products on pallet are that way extremely efficient, fast and monitored . Meroni’s logistics enables to reach all EU and non-EU countries and takes care, on request and in compliance of all rules and regulations, of the preparing of all the documents needed: within the company our import-export offices are fully operational.