Quality certifications by Rovagnati

BRC - British Retail Consortium

All Meroni’s products follow the global standard for agri-food security. The suppliers and the resellers of mass distribution networks are able to guarantee the quality and the security of the goods. With the BRC certification, Meroni increases the security standards for the customers, the suppliers and the clients and shows with transparency that all the measures have been taken, in terms of damages and accidents. These are the reasons why Meroni is reliable in its market.

This certification represents a valid opportunity to show the commitment the company makes everyday in terms of security, quality and respect of the rules to be a top player in the food market.

BRC is recognized worldwide and follows all the Global Food Safety Initiative - The Food Business Forum’s criteria. This standard is acccepted by most of food retailers. Meroni, with the BRC certification:

  • declares its security commitment;
  • checks the respect of quality, security and legal compliance bonds of the food market (with specific reference to the laws in force in the countries the products are distributed);
  • improves the management of security;
  • significantly reduces waste, reworks and products recalls.


IFS - International Food Standard

Food safety, tracing, transparency, independence and respect for the environment are nowadays considered by the national and international retail chains as essential elements for a basic protocol in purchasing policies and for the selection and evaluation of the suppliers. The IFS certification is an innovative way to support the Company: it represents a valid tool to protect, guarantee amd increase the value of the brand and is able to generate trust between the parties involved. IFS is accepted by the 80% of the global food operators. Large global food distributors ask their suppliers for IFS certification, which acts as a test on the supplier itself.

*All Meroni's products excepted mortadella in gastronomy line follows the IFS and BRC CERTIFICATIONS.

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